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GLOBAL’s staff accountants and support personnel bring extensive knowledge gained from supporting a broad range of government contractors and construction companies. The implementation of stringent internal controls and DCAA compliant systems have focused on creating efficient, cost-effective systems that ensure accuracy, timely and reliable financial reporting. GLOBAL’s comprehension of government contracting and construction operations, technology and accounting uniquely positions our clients for success regardless of the challenge.

Client Invoicing

GLOBAL’s team of accounting experts are skilled at industry specific invoicing systems. From the Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) system for government contractors to AIA billing for construction companies, GLOBAL’s accountants have the expertise to efficiently manage these invoicing processes. Our clients’ invoices are submitted timely and accurately each month so that cash flow is never interrupted.

Payroll Processing

GLOBAL’s accountants are proficient in managing payroll systems such as Paychex, ADP Run, Workforce Now and timekeeping systems, ADP EZ Labor. Payroll implementations and biweekly, weekly, semi monthly or monthly payroll runs are easily managed for each of GLOBAL clients efficiently and accurately each period.



Outsourced Accounting Services

GLOBAL provides comprehensive accounting services to clients from basic bookkeeping to executive financial management support, also known as GLOBAL’s Virtual CFO Service. We assist organizations with outsourced accounting services, audit preparation, comprehensive budget development, grant management, systems evaluation/implementation, and the assessment and development of stringent internal controls. GLOBAL provides services that position your organization for operational success; allowing you to manage, plan and comply with industry standards for financial reporting. Our accounting professionals have the practical experience, professional credentials, and ongoing training to effectively deliver the financial support and expertise to ensure success. As outsourced accountants, bookkeepers, controllers and CFOs, our professionals become an extension of your staff, seamlessly providing support to your organization.

Accounting Support Services

Financial experts at GLOBAL have helped organizations in need of complete Financial Infrastructure Development to include:

  • The design and setup of accounting systems to industry specific requirements
  • Day-to-day accounting operations
  • Payroll implementation and administration
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable process that integrated internal accounting system and online banking
  • The design and setup of accounting systems to industry specific requirements
  • Integration and maintenance of an on-line banking platform with the accounting system
  • WAWF (Wide Area Workflow) processing for Defense contractors
  • Audit management and development of requested audit schedules
  • A streamlined documentation management system
  • Electronic timesheet system
  • EFT documents

Virtual CFO / Outsourced Accounting Services

GLOBAL’s Virtual CFO service, includes executive level financial management guidance and strategic management expertise at a fraction of the cost for a full time employee. We actively partner with your existing team to manage daily action items or projects from inception to closure. The Virtual CFO services can be offered on a project basis or a part-time basis.

Virtual CFO services include

  • Meaningful analysis of key business objectives that optimize the use of of working capital
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting
  • Organizational budget development and financial statement analysis
  • Development of strategies to grow equity, increase gross profit and reduce debt



GLOBAL’s staff accountants are Certified Nonprofit Consultants through the Standards of Excellence program. As a Certified Nonprofit Consultant, GLOBAL’s staff accountants are equipped to understand the unique accounting needs of a nonprofit organization. From managing the full grant cycle (proposal through award), the GLOBAL team provides its clients with ongoing support and guidance.

Grant Research/Grant Writing

From research to award winning proposal writing and proposal management, GLOBAL manages all stages of a business opportunity. Grant writing and grant management experts have secured and efficiently managed awards for non-profit and for-profit entities.



Increase Productivity

GLOBAL’s Operational Performance Improvement services are designed to help organizations implement efficiencies by providing expert analysis, reviews, and recommendations to improve processes, eliminate duplication of effort, and reduce spending. We provide organizations with assistance in the areas of strategic and business planning, program development, organizational assessment.

GLOBAL works collaboratively with an organization’s leadership and staff to improve its operations by using a systematic process that capitalizes on and strengthens internal staff’s capacity to sustain and carry out the business mission.

Business Process Management

GLOBAL utilizes a systematic approach to streamline an organizations processes and procedures. Our experienced consultants can identify gaps in productivity and make your workflow more effective, efficient and agile.

Organizational Assessment

Organizational Assessment can help your organization improve performance and prepare for future success. By assessing a company’s strengths, challenges, culture and resources, clear goals and strategies can be identified. GLOBAL helps an organization identify these strategies and lay the framework for success.



Global Strategies LLC is pleased to offer elder care bookkeeping services, providing knowledgeable, honest and caring assistance. We provide support with balancing check books, paying day to day bills and even assisting with understanding personal bills. Our goal is to serve our clients with patience and care.

As we are assisting with the finances, our team will ensure that you are informed in every way possible as it relates to your finances. Whether you have a parent that is no longer able to operate independently or if you just need some extra help to free up your time and improve your quality of life, Global Strategies LLC is there for you.

Our services can include:

  • Reviewing and managing the payment of daily household bills
  • Budgeting and recordkeeping
  • Check writing, deposits and checkbook balancing
  • Helping with day-to-day financial concerns, expenses relating to home maintenance and repairs and medical expenses planning for the future is necessary, and a critical piece of that planning should include elder care services. Contact Global Strategies LLC today to discuss how we can assist you.
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