‘Self-care’ must during weather change and festive season

Self-care is not a reward but a vital process. A popular self-help quote goes like, “Selfcare is an attitude I’m responsible for myself.” This means, ‘I am my own responsibility and I will honour that responsibility as I would anything else that was precious to me.’

Self-care helps everyone getting proper nutrition, some exercise, enough sleep, hydrating and taking small break throughout the work day. It is very vital for our overall health and during the weather change it is most important to be fit and healthy.

Ayurveda suggests some self-care daily regimes which help your body cope with the sudden action or shock of the weather.

According to Ex District Ayurvedic Officer (DAO), Himachal Pradesh, Dr Hem Raj Gautam, Ayurveda is having very easy self-care methods which can be done during sudden weather change conditions by changing certain habits and adding specific ingredients in your diet which can overall improve the immunity of the body and helps you to fight with diseases.

Eat seasonal vegetables and fruits

We find different nutritional vegetables and fruits in every season which is very important for our body. These seasonal fruits and vegetables are fresh and packed with the nutrition which is necessary for our body this will help the body to fight diseases which come with the corresponding season. Eating a plate full of seasonal fruits and vegetables is a part of self-care regime.

Drinking certain decoction

Ayurveda suggest different decoctions according to the season which helps in preventing diseases for example drinking haldi-doodh help in immunity boosting during winter and rainy season or drinking ginger tea can helps reveling cough and cold during cold climate, drinking giloy kawath in any changing season can make your body free from any infection which entered in the body. Drinking these decoction should be part of your self-care routine.


In this busy life schedule meditation is very important for the body to get relaxed. Meditation can be done at any time of the day and making it part of your daily routine can do miracles, it helps to understand your body in different seasons and in different temperatures. It helps to make your body calm and fresh and free from many mental problems during different weather conditions.

Eating food to balance Vaata, Pitta and Kapha

Every season brings different condition which makes your Vata Pitta and kapha imbalanced and to balance it proper diet on proper time is required. In your hectic lifestyle it is important to have balanced diet and on proper time which can make your Vaata pitta and Kapha balanced.

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